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Our Vision

Over a decade ago, Thai Rice N Noodle began with a mission to deliver to the people of Texas the most authentic, fresh, delicious, Thai cooking they could possibly get. Our valued customers have made it possible for us to accomplish that mission and live our dreams of operating as a family restaurant. With complete integrity in our food, we work hard every day to make sure our ingredients and cooking meet the high expectations we have set for ourselves and our customers set for us.


We value all of our customers. That is why we cater to anyone, no matter their dietary circumstance.  We understand everyone is different and that is why we are completely flexible with our cooking. From vegetarians, vegans, to people with allergies to things such as milk, eggs, nuts, gluten, soy, wheat, fish etc. we specially prepare each of our dishes upon order.


We listen intently to the comments and wants of our customers to deliver products that endlessly improve. We hope that our customers enjoy the ultimate Thai experience at our restaurant.

We strive to continue making quality Thai food (second to none) so we can keep delivering excellence and happiness from our Family to yours.

Thai Food Near Me

From Our Valued Customers


"The aroma inside is hypnotizing that you begin to salivate. The wait staff is amazing and punctual."


"For anyone skeptical about trying Thai food for the first time, definitely give this place a shot. Truly a gem of the Asian food community!"


"Always a great experience, friendly staff and the food is really good!"

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